A number of our customers have fed back to us that some eBike insurance companies are turning down theft claims with terms that are not always apparent at the time of signing or are hidden in the terms and condition small print. While it must be said that it is the insured that should read and understand the insurance company’s terms and conditions. We agree that there is a need to combat these small print exclusions when a theft has left you with not only the trauma of the event, but also face the prospect of having to pay the cost of the eBike.

Below are a few ways to safeguard you with your existing insurer and also our new approach, that will give you the option of subsidised theft cover for the -1 option or theft cover included in the -2 option, the latter will also include the Gold standard lock whilst the -1 option will have over 50% discount on the lock and will be a mandatory requirement if you take out Hurrecane theft cover. 

Existing Insurer

  • Ensure you buy a gold standard or Diamond standard lock. This is a must; claims can be turned down without this.
  • Keep the receipt, as it will be required as proof of the gold standard lock. This is reported to be one of the main issues that’s catching many customers out, “who keeps a receipt for a bike lock for a year or more”.
  • Take a photo at the scene, this is date and location stamped, the image needs to include the broken lock.
  • Call the Police and get a crime reference number.

If you follow this advice, you could be safeguarded against claims being rejected. Although this is only our advice based on feedback from our customers, please read the insurers terms and conditions to ensure you are covered. We cannot be held responsible for the insurer or the insured contract disputes.

Another issue bought to our attention is the annual policy, this does not fit well with a flexible subscription that only has a minimum four-month commitment. Unfortunately, the insurance market has not caught up with the new world, where individuals are more and more looking to subscription and hire to replace out right ownership of products. Hurrecane is working with a new world insurance company called Laka, we can now offer our customers theft cover on a pay-as-go model that can be terminated alongside your monthly subscription termination. This is a huge advantage for our customers and completes our unique market leading, flexible, low-cost ownership model.

Hurrecane Theft Cover Process

  • User must have a gold standard lock supplied by Hurrecane
  • Hurrecane will keep the receipt on record for proof in case of a claim
  • Photo must be taken at the scene of the theft
  • Photo must include the broken lock
  • User must contact Police for crime reference number
  • Key and Charger must be returned to Hurrecane

For all conditions for theft protection cover please got to Hurrecanes terms and conditions