What can I say?

We hired two eBikes as we were taking part in the Women’s V Cancer ride the night. Due to our age and the “heart is willing, but the body says no way “we felt it was the only way to carry out the 55km ‘Ride the Night challenge’ and raise much needed funds for Womens Cancer.

W hired the eBikes from February which provided us with plenty of time to train (our intention was to use the battery as little/not at all as possible but to be there if needed).

From the first call to Hurrecane eBikes we knew we were onto a winner “Mel” was patient and listened to our every need, ensuring that we could get the right equipment and eBikes to meet our needs. On receipt of the eBikes (which were delivered when requested) the engineer was attentive and carried out a full explanation of the bikes and even put our own saddles on for us!

During the training (prior to our big night) we encountered a couple of issues but Hurrecane eBikes were quick to send out their engineers to assist. The service was prompt, courteous and nothing was a problem, the engineers were fantastic.

Hurrecane eBikes, thank you to your team, especially Tara, Mel, Francesca, Richy and the first engineer, whose name I have forgotten. You helped us throughout our journey and helped in ensuring that only one bar of the battery was used (some big hills)  that we could hold our heads up high at the finishing line.

I honestly believe that Hurrecane eBikes should advertise at Cancer V Women events and any other events, as the service that they provide, their professionalism and their eBikes are second to none.

Would I use/recommend hurricane eBikes to anyone, absolutely, 100%. Their customer service is and eBikes are fantastic.

Thank you so much.

Costanza Calabrese

Rented an e-bike from Hurrecane …

Rented an e-bike from Hurrecane a couple of months ago for food delivery, much cheaper option than other rentals and the bike has been great. Delivery was also straight forward and informative.

August Miller

So so pleased!

Rented an e-bike from this company and I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you. The customer service and efficiency of the whole process was outstanding, so thank you to all involved. I would highly recommend.

Samantha Dickens

Amazing service

Amazing service, continued contact with updates from order to delivery, and after delivery. Friendly staff, very helpful.
The bike itself was well maintained, engineer who delivered it explained in much detail all aspects of the bike, repairs etc.
Amazing company really worth giving them a try.

Kevin Hele

Fabulous customer service

Fabulous customer service, great bike, good value, what’s not to like?

Quite seriously, I really do highly recommend if you are looking for an ebike with support from people who know what they are doing.


Customer service – WOW!

First issue encountered and what a great experience it turned out to be!

After 6 weeks or so of trouble free riding on my Hurrecane ebike I had my first issue recently after being unable to avoid a large pothole while riding in heavy traffic (the roads in Havering are a disgrace at the moment). The jolt from the bump was violent enough to snap the bolt that attaches the saddle bracket to the seat post but fortunately not quite enough to throw me off of the bike. I called Hurrecane (call answered pretty much instantly) and incredibly the bike was repaired within 4 hours!

Rather than just taking my details and promising that an engineer would visit in due course the call handler took time out to check whether they already had an engineer out on the road in my area and whether they had the required spare part and while it was lucky that they did, it was great that they took time to ‘join the dots’ and divert the engineer to me (from about 40 miles away).

The engineer was also very good in giving the bike a bit of a ‘once over’ rather than just fixing the issue at hand.

All in all a really positive experience.

Paul Ross

Decided to finally get an e bike after…

Decided to finally get an e bike after years of the old way, Hurricane have been informative and and helpful through the whole process, bike was delivered on time and the guy who delivered it was knowledgeable and friendly, the RS8 fatbike is a Monster of a bike, I added the throttle and would highly recommend it, hills even steep ones are nothing anymore, overall cycling is more fun than ever.

Cheers Hurricane

Thomas Rampling
Karen Trimble
Karl Davis
Mujtaba Ahmed

Amazing service

Amazing service. Affordable, efficient and good quality.

The staff were great at handling any queries I had, and always responded very quickly.

Andrew Mann

It’s the best company to rent an eBike

It’s the best company to rent an eBike.

I have nice experience from applying online for the bike until they deliver it with care to my address.

Also they are the cheapest electric bike rent, so it is good choice for those who wanna save money wasted in petrol. Their bikes are also convenient for delivery rider

Abdalrhman Algarny

Excellent experience from start to…

Excellent experience from start to finish. The delivery was very good and Del the drive explained everything. Thank you so much Hurricane 👌👊

Liza Fletcher

Very quick and good at what they do…

Very quick and good at what they do from receiving the bike and when getting repairs/maintenance done

Luke David Suter
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you hurrecane

Thank you hurricane for providing the best quality services.
A very special thanks to Melanie a person with a heart.

Vikas Reddy

Good company

I hired an e-bike for around 6 months from this company and would recommend them. The bike itself was an older model but I was still very impressed with it, and it’s ability to handle some very steep hills. It really changed my perception of e-bikes and I am sure newer models are now even better. My dealings with the staff at Hurrecane were all positive and I always received a reply to any query I had and Mel always did her best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Richie Palfrey

Amazing service and bikes

I am currently using a HurrEcane bike and I am really impressed with the bike and the company itself. The customer service is great, they respond quickly to enquiries and just to mention that they even helped me out with speeding up the delivery process for me. The bikes are great for commuting and pleasure.

Spas Spasov

A great bike and company!

I have been really pleased with my Hurrecane bike since receiving it recently. Delivery of the bike was very smooth and it was ready to be used right away. The bike itself provides a smooth and speedy right and gives good distance from a charge. Customer service are very responsive, answering all of my questions in a timely manner. My commute has now finally become enjoyable thanks to my Hurrecane bike!

Clodagh Dack

What a brilliant service

What a brilliant service. The sales team provided clear and precise updates and organised delivery around my availability. The bike arrived this morning on the time agreed. The delivery agent was extremely knowledgeable and patient in explaining everything about the bike, servicing required, and what to do if there was any issues. This is a fantastic product and business concept enabling you to see if you enjoy e biking without the worry of massive outlay.

Robert Grant

You won’t regret it!

Yes, delivery will take over a week, but I recommend you call the office. They are extremely helpful. Mel was absolutely fabulous, as was Tara.
Huge thanks to the team for getting my bike ready in time for my new job. I’m in a very hilly location in Wales and not as fit as I should be! (Yet) love that I can easily cycle to work now.
Delivery driver was really great, went through everything, adjusted the bike and stayed while I had a test drive and answered all my questions.
The bike is fabulous, she rides like a dream. Wish I had gone electric earlier. Love that I have the assistance when I need it.
Extremely impressed, excellent service and price.
Off to play! I will update the review after a month or two.

Rachel Stafford

Amazing Company!

Everyone at Hurrecane e-bikes is so amazing. They coordinated delivery of my bike and even arranged to install an upgrade at my house. Could not be happier with their service.

Brad Taylor

Very satisfied with the bike!

I am in the process of moving to a new house, and needed a way to reach the city while carrying small amounts of stuff around. The bike fits perfectly my needs and I’m also very pleased with its build quality. I was planning to rent the bike for ~5 months and buy a new one once my finances would be in better shape, but after using it quite a bit the last few days and considering the life warranty, I might want to rent it longer instead.

Morgan Hoarau

Fat bike off road fun just got an upgrade

From placing my order, to delivery and handover, I’ve been kept informed and received outstanding service. I chose an E fat bike and am delighted with bike’s quality and finish, ease of use, handling and comfort. The power delivery is very smooth through the 5 modes giving me the confidence to tackle a variety of off road surfaces and gradients. A fantastic bike that comes pre loaded with grin factor. My mountain bike adventures have definitely now been upgraded. Well done Hurrecane. You’ve made me fall in love with mountain biking all over again!

Sharon Curd

My husband has been trying to persuade me to get an ebike for years as it would allow us to travel further and include more hills in our routes. I was sceptical as I was keen to increase my fitness level and was not sure if the ebike would do that. I could not have been more wrong it still provides a great workout as I can now climb steep hills and definitely feel it after! Hurrecane provide an excellent service I wish I had made the change years ago I love it.

Yvonne Havard

All of my staff love these bikes!

I’ve been renting Hurrecane eBikes for my staff for almost 6 months and they all absolutely love them. The bikes are reliable and fit for purpose (travelling between home appointments). The customer service is also fantastic. I’m given regular updates about my orders and I was given assistance when it came to ensuring each bike is insured. They’ve also added my company logo to each bike so they look incredibly professional. I couldn’t recommend these bikes more!

Chris Williams

Received the Cruiser bike this morning and got a tour from the mechanic. The bike looks well built and professionally put together and decent quality.
Took the bike for a spin and it’s a lot of fun! The assist is great and the bonus of a throttle is fun to just cruise about with.
Mel in customer service has been chatting with me throughout the sales process and was a huge help along the way helping me with anything I needed!
Can’t wait to get some miles in on the bike now!


Hi, my name is Karan Parekh. I used this electric bike for 6 months but that ebike is amazing, no any maintenance cost and it’s very cost effective. I really share my thoughts that compare to zoomo bike this is amazing for riders.
Only I request to company that just increase that tyre size in 400 and 410 model. Because rider face only puncher problem. Otherwise it is excellent bike.

Karan Parekh

Hurrecane are Brilliant!
I’ve really wanted to get an ebike after trying one out at my local bike shop but the cost of them is quite high to buy outright and I wanted to see how much use I’d get out of it so I decided to search online for a rental and Hurrecane came up. Do not let the reviews put you off, I think that was just teething problems during a very difficult period over Covid & with supply issues. Hurrecane are really brilliant and the team are incredibly friendly and easy to deal with. A few things before you decide to start renting should be noted, you will need insurance (I went with Pedalsure who have been great but my partner added his onto our general home insurance for about £30 annually so it’s not bad at all!) and you may have to compromise with what’s available. Once you purchased your insurance the direct debit will also be setup which can take a couple of weeks to confirm it’s in place – then you schedule a date for your bike to be delivered. I placed my order on the 28th of Jan and they were delivered on the 15th of February! We had a problem with Ben’s controller and Hurrecane came back within the week to replace it and it now works beautifully!

The bikes themselves are really wonderful to ride, so much fun and relaxing! Going up hills is no issue with the pedal assist and you can tailor that to suit if you’d like to work a bit harder or keep it nice and easy. The battery on the bikes lasts long -we’ve never run out even when running a little low on juice and they are easy to charge. They are really attractive bikes, we’ve had tons of compliments and Hurrecane will fix any issues with them (apart from punctures but those are easy enough to fix and we got them slimed to reduce the effect of punctures which I would recommend!).

A big thank you to Mel, Fran and the team at Hurrecane. If you’re looking to rent an ebike, I couldn’t recommend them enough for service and quality of product!

Matt Bird

Hurrecane are fantastic!
I needed a bike at the start of lockdown 2020 and Hurrecane were able to arrange for an e-bike to be delivered – I didn’t have a helmet and they were able to provide one for me to borrow. Their customer service, especially Paul and Tara, are fantastic, as are the patient delivery team. After two years I have returned the bike, as I no longer need it, and they arranged for a next day collection. I have recommended Hurrecane to friends and family and will continue to do so. Thanks

Charlotte Taylor

Go Hurrecane
his is a small company that provides electric bikes at a very competitive price.
Amazon they are not and it would be silly to expect Amazon efficiency and speed. I loved the fact that I could get a decent electric bike for a very decent price and give it back for the winter. No worries about winter storage and maintenance. If there is a problem, they come and fix it – ok, not overnight (although you can pay extra for faster service) but it is comparable to any other service – if you pay for a bronze package you cannot expect platinum level of service. You also get to talk to a real person rather than a chat bot and whenever there is a glitch, they do their best to sort it out for you. I hope Hurrecane keep going for many years to come and don’t end up being taken over by some soulless corporation.
Can’t wait to get another bike.


I have been renting my ebike for two months now. I am loving it , I feel like a kid again. I actually look forward to travelling to work as the cycle is now painless. I can zip about as quick as anything no traffic no parking charges and no petrol. Also had a puncture on Saturday sent the office an email Sunday and lovely Mel from customer service rang me straight away first thing Monday and arranged for the puncture to be fixed and slime in my tires. I recommend getting the slime at the time of purchase, to save punctures from happening. But Mel sent someone out today very polite guy got straight to the job was done in 20mins. It was that quick and simple. I really can’t believe I have only just found this company absolutely first class products the bike is so sturdy and I feel so safe and its easy to operate. It’s just like riding a bike haha. The customer service is exceptional they really go above and beyond for their customers which in 2022 is very hard to find. I look forward to carry on renting my bike and being well looked after by hurricane. 10/10

Amy Hicks

Your team is so polite and fast. However, I am very happy with your overall service and I make sure you that I will definitely recommend your service

Dhaval Panchal

Fantastic service! Very impressed.

Sally Daynes

I always look for comments that are left later after use, not at the initial purchase. Because nearly all companies do their best in the beginning. True colours will show later. That was not the case with Hurrecane. Both our bikes developed a motor problem after 5 months of heavy use. We let the company know, they collected both bikes and repaired them in a few days. They just arrive yesterday, all serviced, cleaned, oiled up. They even replaced old saddles with new foam ones for extra comfort. The beauty of pay-as-you-go, overall very good experience. Thank you, Tara, Del and Francesca…

Ron White

Bike was delivered today by the technician. Top bloke super informative and clearly knows what he’s talking about. Process for the bike to be delivered was a tad slow but apart from that 5* service. Bike is amazing and I recommend this company from start to finish. Very happy.

Sam Gowans

The whole process was hassle free from start to finish, the customer care was second to none. Mark and Del thanks very much for everything it is a awesome bike, I would recommend this company anyone and everyone and the bike moves like a Hurricane!!!!

Stephen Haynes

Very happy with this eBike it’s a beast, runs very well, going to enjoy my commute to work, thanks Mark.

Courtney Cole

Have had great customer service since getting my bike a couple of months ago! Love the bike!

Ben Dursley

Great bikes very nippy great service start to finish.

Kris Rogers

These electric bikes are the tops. They are fast and go far! Thanks guys.

Martyn Sykes

PHENOMENAL service, once again. Thank you.

Emily Strang

It rides like an absolute diamond. Fast as anything. The big tyres give you confidence, the whole build, the balance, the speed is amazing!! The service from Paul and the team is second to none. Hurrecane were just fantastic from start to finish! Getting the bike itself was a breeze and the help and advice I received was so useful in making sure I got the right one for me. The delivery was fast, friendly and time was taken to show me how to use the bike. Whenever I had any questions (being a complete beginner) I received a very helpful response the same day which just shows how much Hurrecane value their customers.

Anthony Osbourne

Took delivery of my mountain bike yesterday. Had my first go with it today in the pouring rain. Wow! It’s a superb bike. I got an electric bike in January that sells for about £1200 in Halfords and used it a lot since. The Hurrecane is easily 10times better to ride and feels a lot better build quality. It’s like getting out of a Fiat Punto into a Mercedes. The quality you get for the price is unbeatable. Plus you have the option to subscribe rather than buy. My advice is to hurry while stocks last!

Gareth O’Brien

I have been doing this for over a year now. Fantastic service staff are great and I love eBiking. Highly recommended.

Simon Barry

Just wanted to drop you a note to say I’m absolutely speechless, it’s incredible! The service from start to finish has been outstanding and the bike itself, wow! It’s almost too good to be true. Thank you so much for everything, you’ve made a grown bloke feel like a little boy again.

Nik Oliver

I received my bike this morning and I would just like to say that I am overwhelmed with it. From the first initial enquiry to delivery you have been outstanding so a big thank you to you and your team.

Paul Butler

Had my bike a month and I’m so pleased! The bike itself is great and it’s quicker to get to my key worker job than using the tube and I don’t have to worry about anything going wrong having to fix it myself – I’m a busy mum of 2 with a full time job so knowing that everything is covered gives me peace of mind.

Rosie Williams

The bike was both lovely to ride and stylish – I received loads of compliments. I honestly couldn’t recommend Hurrecane enough for their excellent products and absolutely fantastic customer service. I knew NOTHING about ebikes and that wasn’t a problem at all. They helped me the entire way! Thank you so much team!

Hayley Irving

Hurrecane is the best company of e-bikes that you may find in London. Really affordable prices as a monthly subscription,  the lowest price you can find in the field. Amazing customer service, super fast replies, able to help you out with any issues. If you are looking for an ebike that’s the best place to go.

Daniel Anghel


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