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Our fleet of eBikes are perfect for all aspects of urban travel, efficient on road and fast and fun off road. Hurrecane is the only UK company that builds an eBike around you and your needs. We offer a truly unique bespoke service. If you are tall, small, heavy, have health issues or disabilities, we can build you an eBike and offer it to you through our first of a kind, flexible low-cost subscription model.


What’s Included?


We cover all costs including servicing, tyres, battery, motor and any component failure due to wear and tear, giving you complete peace of mind and a very flexible low cost entry into the relatively high cost of eBike ownership. One of the most important considerations when buying an eBike is the warranty, most brands typically carry a 2-year warranty, most only one year on a battery, but with Hurrecane bikes, owned through subscription you benefit from a lifetime warranty.

How It Works

Once you confirm your approximate height and weight, then advise us of the terrain you will mostly use the bike for, we will build and deliver you an eBike to your door, charged and ready to ride. Simply select a bike from the menu that fits your requirements, then pay a refundable deposit (see FAQ’s for terms). When the bike is ready for delivery, we will send you a direct debit form to fill out for your monthly payment, once it is returned and your first payment has cleared, we will deliver your eBike. Our associates will show you how to use the eBike and give tips on successful ownership (no manuals to read) It’s as simple as that.

Hurrecane delivers your eBike to your door, not on a courier, 70% built with no one to help, we deliver on a date and time that is convenient for you, built, charged and ready to ride. It’s all about friendly personal service.

  • NO maintenance cost
  • NO servicing costs
  • NO finance agreement
  • NO interest cost
  • NO Warranty End Date
  • NO long term contract

Why Us?


Our company has built a great reputation through our unique approach, delivering a personal service, a unique eBike subscription program and the commitment to help the UK hit its carbon reduction target.

Please read the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) below before you subscribe.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is subscription different to rental?

Rental is aimed a short term use, is not your bike, you can make no changes and generally comes in black or white. Subscription is your bike whilst you pay for it, you can make changes to it, add you own accessories take it around the world if you want and the beauty of our subscription, you can change to another bike in the range, upgrade or downgrade at any time with no penalties.

If you return it scratched or a few spokes missing you will still get your deposit back… not the case with rental.

What extra costs do I incur with my subscription?

With the exception of punctures you have nothing more to pay, we cover the costs of all non-accident or misuse repairs, services, tyres, brakes, batteries, motors etc.

What happens if I have a problem?

If you have an issue with your bike please contact us at [email protected] or03330503578and we will arrange a convenient time to either repair the bike at your premises or collect it if a more thorough test if needed.

If you have fallen off or have incurred any other accidental damage, again call us on the above numbers for an assessment of repair costs to give to your insurance company or for you to pay direct.

DO NOT take the ebike to any independent bike retailer/service centre without the written permission of Hurrecane, any attempt to repair the ebike at and independent retailer/service centre will void the warranty and the customer will be responsible for all cost associated with the repair or replacement of any damaged or removed parts.

How long before I am back on the road after I call you with a problem?

We will come to you within 7 days to repair your eBike with the standard plan, if you need the eBike back on the road quicker, you can purchase one of the upgrade options.

What happens if I damage the eBike or return it worse for wear?

Scratches and the odd bent spoke are an acceptable level of wear and tear and you will not be charged. If it is an unacceptable level of damage we will assess it and give you a quote to repair or replace the damaged parts, if the bike is damaged in an accident we will work with you and your insurance company to replace it with a new bike. We will deliver you a new bike immediately whilst the insurance is being dealt with subject to confirmation from you or your insurance company that we will be reimbursed in full for the damaged e-bike.

If you have fallen off or incurred any other accidental damage, contact us at [email protected] or 03330503578for an assessment for the cost of repair to give to your insurance company or for you to pay directly to Hurrecane Ltd.


What if my eBike is stolen?

It is imperative that you insure the eBike.

If you have a home contents insurance policy, the insurance company will usually allow you to add eBikes to that policy. If they do not offer you that option, there are several bike insurance companies on the internet that will insure you.

If the eBike is stolen, we will replace it, once we have confirmation that the insurance company have agreed to pay you.

You will be responsible for the cost of the replacement if you do not insure.

What if I want to add my own accessories to the eBike?

Whilst the bike is in your possession you are free to add any accessories, lights, saddles, mudguards, forks etc. All we ask is that you keep all the accessories we deliver on the bike safe and return them with the bike at the end of the subscription. Unfortunately, if you lose the original components you will have to leave your replacement accessories on the bike when it’s returned.

Can I upgrade or change my eBike once subscribed?

The uniqueness of this subscription service allows you to upgrade to a different package or change to a different model at any time, allowing full flexibility to try different eBikes.

How long is my warranty?

With pay-as-you-go you have a lifetime warranty on the complete eBike, we are the only company to offer this, you have the peace of mind knowing you will never have expensive bills for batteries, motors, LCD’s or any other out of warranty part.

What happens if I return the eBike before the end of the minimum period?

If you return the eBike before the end of the 4-month minimum period, you will lose your initial deposit.

What if my direct debit payment fails?

If your payment fails, we will do all we can to help re instate it, there will be a £10 administration fee for each missed payment. If you miss two consecutive payments, we will recover the eBike and you will be invoiced £75.00 for the recovery and lose you initial deposit.

Can I choose my own colour?

Yes, with two of the subscription offerings you can pick your individual colour. Unlike the large online or multinational chains that order volume bikes from China and pre choose the colour, we offer a more personal and individual service allowing you to have a unique bike exactly how you want it.

Why do I pay more deposit if I am under 25 years old?

Unfortunately, as with most things in life the minority ruin it for the majority. We have had to increase the deposit for riders under 25 because 98% of damaged, false theft and uninsured riders have been in this age bracket. Remember it is refundable if you follow the program criteria.

Can I keep my eBike outside?

Absolutely not, if the bike is returned with excess rust (a little rust is to be expected) or clear signs of damage caused by moisture in the LCD display, Battery or a completely rusty chain etc. you will be charged for the replacement of the water damaged components.

*Punctures are not covered

*Specification may change without notice

**To meet EAPC requirements for use of your eBike on the public highway, your chosen motor should not exceed a power output of more than 250w and should not electrically propel the bike when travelling more than 15.5 mph. e-Bikes exceeding the power output and speed limit are suitable for use on private land only.

***Primary and secondary colours are FOC, specials and metallic are additional, please contact us for more detail.

For Pay-as-you-Go Terms and Conditions please click here.


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