Hurrecane have revolutionised the way to own an eBike. You no longer need to buy one, no more running and servicing costs. Fall out of love with it? want to upgrade it? circumstances change? Can’t store it for winter? Just return it. As simple as that!.

Why payg

Hurrecane are set to revolutionise the way you buy an eBike. You no longer need to buy a eBike outright. No more worrying about running and servicing costs. Fall out of love with it, want an upgrade, need a break, can’t store it for the winter then just return it. As simple as that!

  • No finance agreement
  • No interest costs
  • No repair bills
  • No maintenance cost
  • No servicing costs
  • No contract
  • No need to buy

How to payg

We take a refundable deposit of £100 and deliver you a new eBike direct to your door. You then pay a monthly fee of £40 and, with the exception of punctures, have no more costs associated with eBike ownership.

We cover all costs including servicing, tyres*, battery, motor, any failure from wear-and-tear on all components, giving you complete peace of mind and a very flexible low-cost entry into the usually high-cost ownership of an eBike.

If you decide at any time that you no longer want the bike, provided it is returned in good condition, we will refund your £100 deposit. Alternatively, if at anytime you want to buy one of our bikes instead of the flexible subscription, we will refund your deposit of £100 against a new bike.  

All our Pay-as-you-Go eBikes come in black with a 36V 15Ah battery and 350W motor.

Check out our FAQ’s for more information or Contact us directly

*Punctures are not covered

**Minimum Period 3 Months

Terms and Conditions

Under the terms of subscription program the eBike remains the property of Hurrecane Ltd. The user agrees to pay a fixed monthly fee paid by direct debit to Hurrecane Ltd. It is the users responsibility to ensure the Hurrecane eBike is insured. If the user does not insure the Hurrecane eBike they will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the eBike. Any accessories not purchased from Hurrecane Ltd must be removed before a new one can be delivered, our engineers will not be held responsible for any damage if they have to remove any accessory before swapping a faulty eBike for a new one.


All bikes are on a minimum period of 3 months.