With a new year and a new decade just around the corner, no doubt there are countless of you out there planning your new year’s resolutions – and one of the most common resolutions that people make is to make improvements where health and fitness is concerned.

But if you are inactive and are unfit, it can be quite hard to stick to these resolutions once January has come to an end and your motivation is starting to wane. You need to make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of success and, to that end, you might well find that hybrid eBikes are one of the best Christmas presents you could ask for this year.

What’s especially good about a hybrid is that you can pedal as much as you like or use the engine as much as you like, so you can tailor your bike rides to suit your fitness levels very easily indeed. And you’ll find it fun to set yourself challenges week in, week out to see how little you can use the engine and just how far pedal power will get you

With Hurrecane eBikes, the motor is automatically activated when you pedal and it will give you an appropriate amount of power based on how your pedalling is going. They come with five power levels of electric assists, as well as an automatic mode – perfect if you know you have a lot of hills to tackle on your morning commute and aren’t sure you can do them without a bit of help at the moment.

An eBike can really help you stay on track with your fitness goals in 2020, perhaps more so than a regular bike that relies on pedal power alone. Perhaps you’ve been putting off the idea of getting in shape because you’re worried that your fitness levels will let you down… this kind of bike solves this problem immediately because you’ve always got the engine to fall back on if you suddenly feel as though you need a bit of help.

And you’re sure to feel a huge sense of satisfaction when you realise that your bike rides are getting easier to achieve using your legs, finding that you need the engine less and less as the weeks fly by.

And let’s not forget the added benefit of all that fresh air you’ll be getting by hitting the open road on your new eBike. Getting exercise out in the open air can help not just your physical health but your mental health as well, perhaps more so than hitting the gym every day.

Green exercise can really help with your general mood and your self-esteem, which could be just the motivation you need to get you out on your bike on a regular basis.

Regardless of the reasons for getting fit and healthy in the new year, it’s worth noting what the NHS has to say about the benefits of exercise. Apparently, adults should try and be active every day to stay healthy, with at least 150 minutes of physical activity over the course of a week.

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to start being more active, as is walking, so perhaps try and build both of these into your weekly routines and try and increase the amount of exercise you’re getting slowly.

The Department of Health considers inactivity to be something of a silent killer and there is mounting evidence that sedentary behaviour over a long period is bad for your health. So even if you can’t increase the amount of exercise you’re getting for whatever reason, try to limit the amount of time you spend sitting and lying down.

It’s thought that sedentary behaviour such as watching TV, sitting down to read, listen to music or talk, or using your car for short journeys can increase the risk of developing the likes of obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

But you can do a lot to reduce the risks and, if you can, increasing your activity levels is one of the best ways to go about protecting your health and keeping diseases like the above at bay. So put an eBike at the top of your Christmas wishlist this year and start making some seriously positive changes today.