Hedkayse: Hurrecane


5 Year Guarantee
One Size Fits All
Quick Release Strap

It’s tough – our world-beating ENKAYSE material doesn’t deform and break
The Hedkayse X-Strap™ fits multiple head sizes
Our WrapStrap shrinks the helmet by 50% fitting easily into your bag
No quibble 5 year guarantee. Made in the UK

Available for £100 in Black, Reflective, Hi-Vis and Special Edition Hurrecane

Enkayse Protection

Unlike EPS Enkayse™ is designed to manage the energy of impacts whilst retaining its integrity. Enkayse™ dissipates energy rather than deforming on impact, it also cushions small bumps. Protection from small knock and bumps may also have long-term benefits as researchers believe the cumulative effect of small knocks contributes to brain disease over time. Enkayse™ shrugs off the bumps, knocks and everyday abuse, so you can be sure that Hedkayse | ONE will provide continuous protection.

X-Strap Retention
Hedkayse: Multi-fit

One-size-fits-all, possible because of our unique X-Strap retention system and comfortable as a result of the Enkayse™ liner. The X-Strap webbing and rear fastening strap allow the helmet to fit heads from 49 – 58.5cm; the semi-permanent side clips adjust to keep your ears from being squashed and our patented Quick-release Adjustable Ratchet Chin-strap (QARC) allows quick and easy removal no matter what you’ve got on your hands. After a few minutes of wearing the helmet, Enkayse™ reacts to body heat and moulds to the shape of your head. When the helmet is removed, it returns to its original shape ready for the next use.


Designed to withstand the daily grind, folding to 50% of its constructed width to fit into your bag, suitable to throw on the desk or into the car. The outer shell of the Hedkayse | ONE is a specifically engineered rip-proof military grade Ballistic Nylon. Lightweight, strong and easily washable. The flexibility of TAF allows the helmet to fold, and to adapt to all head types and sizes. Its low friction surface is designed to help minimise additional tugging forces from the road surface in the event of a crash.