SmartHalo helps you bike smarter with a minimalist interface on your handlebar that lets you focus on what really matters – your ride.


A device that stays on your bike at all times, always there when you need it. With no visable screws, it is refined yet subtle, as it merges perfectly with any type of bike. This is the smart biking device you’ve been waiting for.


Set your destination in the app and get intuitive turn-by-turn navigation on SmartHalo’s circular Interface.


Light you way and be seen ay night. SmartHalo turns on and shuts off your lights automatically when you’re done riding.


Since SmartHalo stays at all times on your bike, it keeps your bike safe by triggering an alarm if anyone tampers with you bike.


Automatically track your cycling data and each your goals without having to press start or stop – SmartHalo does it automatically.


Never miss an incoming call or SMS. SmartHalo warns you when someone is trying to reach you.


Smart Halo is a Bluetooth-enabled device that syncs with its companion app to turn any regular bicycle into a powerful “smart-bike”. With its minimalist, award-winning, circular shaped interface made of small LEDs, SmartHalo elevates the biking experience to new heights without the distraction of screens, numbers or maps – all while keeping the phone safely inside the pocket or the purse.

SmartHalo is unlike anything on the market. It is designed to lock itself on the handlebar, requiring the user’s unique Halo KeyTM for removal. Since the SmartHalo stays on the handlebar at all times, it becomes part of the bike – and not merely an accessory. It is always there when the user needs it.

There is no on/off button on SmartHalo. It will turn on automatically at the beginning of the ride and go to sleep by itself at the end. This allows the battery to last for weeks on a single charge.

This is the smart biking system cyclists have been waiting for.

  • Anti-theft locking system stays on your bike
  • Auto Activation
  • Easy undocking for charging
  • Weatherproof
  • Weeks on a single charge
  • Unique magnetic key with eac device
  • Fits any standard bike
  • Connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0
  • DIMENSIONSHeight : 26.5 (SmartHalo)
    79mm – 87 mm (With clips/ Avec attaches)
    Width: 96.5 mm
    Depth: 66.5 mm
    Weight: 195 g
  • CompabilityHandlebar Diameter : 22.2 mm to 31.8
    Max stem width :
  • BatteryUsb Chargeable Battery (cable included)
    3 week battery life (1h/day use)
    Operating temeratures : -10C to 35C
  • LightVisibility of 750 m
  • Alarm 100 dB output